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Rylee Green Need's High-Fashion & Couture Supermodel Representation.

Scouts, Agents, Agencies and Managers Please 





Where Parisian and Glam meet. "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World." The Original, Authentic, First and Only "Rylee Green". Mademoiselle Rylee Green, 5'10 born July 17 (Cancer) is a Mother first to Christina Green. A Multiracial French- American Model with 20+ years of experience. Rylee Green, Mrs. Carter is the Wife of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known professionally as Lil Wayne, is an American rapper “THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE”. Five-time Grammy Award-winning music icon Lil Wayne was inducted into the Billboard Hip-Hop Hall of Fame in 2023. Lil Wayne rewrote the entire game in his tremendous iconic image. The multi-Platinum Rap Icon, Young Money Entertainment founder, author, pro skater, Father and Husband. Certified as one of the most influential professional hip hop artists of all times from Uptown New Orleans, LA. Rylee is An Earth Angel, A Goddess Warrior, A Child of God #444. Rylee, attended Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Dallas, Tx at the age of 12 for Advanced Elite Model Training for the talented and gifted. Rylee Green had a MTV My Super Sweet16 Party at Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch, TX. She had 1.5 Million Followers on Myspace at the age of 16 and has Mastered Artistry of any type of ART and Storytelling. Rylee, is an Expert in all aspects of Modeling, Social Media & Digital Marketing. Born into Dynasty, The United States Of America Royal Bloodline "The Willards" and The Royal Family of Hawaii". Rylee is an immediate family member to Louisiana State Represenatives who has the state key of Louisiana and royalty access of New Orleans, LA and first cousin to Louisiana State Representative Matthew Willard, Democrat Party District 97. And also related to Lloyd Polite Jr., an American R&B singer from Uptown, New Orleans, LA.


During COVID-19, she came out with a jewelry line called "@ShopRyleeGreen" LLC, a branding marketing agency called "@NextAngellcon" and a Luxury authentic designer frontline e-commerce store called "@HouseOfRyleeGreen" to get through the pandemic. Published Model in Fashion Republic Magazine 2022 Issue. "The Best Model Alive" Voyage Dallas Published Article. Rylee is the FIRST CAJUN-CREOLE NATIVE AMERICAN officially apart of the “Playboy Enterprises, INC” Family Playboy Centerfold as a SUPERMODEL/TOP CREATOR #BAGBUNNY #TheMixedMarilynMonroe, "THE BEST MODEL ALIVE". Rylee Green, The OG, The first Cajun-Creole Native American in Playboy. Multiracial French-American Model who specializes in Editorial Work with 20+ years of experience. Rylee assisted with the vision and voice for Playboy Centerfold Digital Platform. Creative Director Cardi B & Playboy, the globally-recognized, iconic lifestyle brand owned by leading pleasure and leisure lifestyle company PLBY Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLBY), today launched CENTERFOLD, the new home for the world’s top creators to interact directly with their fans, expand their communities and build their own personal content and commerce businesses. Rylee is an ICON, she is an LEGEND. A well known Jesus Christ Global Ambassador, Multiracial, Multi-talented Millennial ICON, Full-Time Mama, Supermodel, Teen Vogue Contributing Writer, Serial Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Influencer/Model, Creative Director, Brand Ambassador, and Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Creator. Former Digital Talent Manager, Singer and Celebrity Stylist. RYLEE DOES IT ALL! This Dallas,Texas Native with a Uptown New Orleans Background attended John Paul II High School, a private Roman Catholic college preparatory high school in Plano, Texas & Frisco High School. Saint Rita Catholic School and All Saints Catholic School for elementary. She will tell you she is a Beignet & Croissant, Texas Yellow Rose Southern Belle at heart, but, moving from her Beautiful 50,000 square ft Chateau Childhood Estate Castle with snow white Arabian horses, caviar and champagne brunches at the at Stonebriar Country Club Sunday morning after church in the suburbs of Frisco, TX to Los Angeles changed her life forever. She attended ASU/FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) receiving two degrees and a Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing while being first in her class academically and living out her life in Southern California, her dreams became a reality. Rylee Green has now been Awarded "Build a Direct-To-Consumer Brand from The Business of Fashion Education With Jen Rubio Co-founder at Away." Mastered the Pyramids of Giza, Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology at Harvard University. Appearing on reality shows such as MTV My Super Sweet16 of her own episode, VH1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 6 and a Fashion and Beauty creator for RewardStyle/ From riding and owning Arabian horses, winning state twice in Tennis as The Texas State Champion. Mastering music, Social Media, speech & drama, playing the role of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth twice along with the main role Sandy in the Grease Broadway, being crowned Debutante of the prestigious nationally known sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. Soprano choir captain, prom queen, Fashion Show Director, singer/artist with her first album “Love Lust” on iTunes, Spotify, amazon, google play and more. Rylee also has won numerous awards and recognition for her talents in speech and drama, news personality as RCTV media director, best dressed, and the first President of the Frisco High School Minority Students Club, of which she established along with the support of other gifted ethnic students on campus. She has worked hard, persevered, believed in herself, set goals and her dreams came true! Today she is a leader and serves as an active member of FIDM’s Presidential Honor Society (PTK) and Delta Chi Sigma Sorority as social media director. She also freelances and does Social Media consulting for High-End Executive clients.


Since living in LA, Rylee has received invitations to the Grammys, Vanity Fair, and Espy Exclusive Events year round. She is a devoted mother of Christina Green. In the year of the millennium of 2000, at the age of 10 Rylee was sent off to Rome, Italy to sing for Pope John Paul II. Among the Catholic Choir Tour and the Jubilee Global Celebration. Rylee was the chosen Princess to sing a solo out of 100,000 kids to sing soprano 1 “Ave Maria” in full Italian. Rylee represented the United States of America who attended the Global World Jubilee Catholic Choir Conference. As she finished the send off song, Rylee shook Pope John Paul II’s hand goodbye starring at his eyes of peace and love. The next day was New Years Eve. As Rylee brought her entire family to Italy she knew from the moment she was the “Golden Goddess Child, The Platinum-Golden Star”. After sight seeing all over Italy an Beautiful Angel appeared at St. Mark's Clock Tower in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. The angel looked just like Rylee. She had beautiful golden-brown long hair, bright green eyes and golden honey olive skin. Rylee starred at her thinking she already has a twin, does she have another one? Their Halos Lit up. The fireworks went off in the air. The angel was young like Rylee only speaking Italian. They conversed, and the angel gave her a prayer card and that very moment Rylee was given her mission in life. Her journey in life had just begun. The next day, Rylee, her family and choir friends attended dinner that night invited by Pope John Paul II far away in the Paese far away from the city of Venice and arrived at a Fattoria. As she arrived and entered the Fattoria it was time for supper. They all gathered together had the last supper that night with Pope John Paul II as she sat right next to him enjoying divine wine, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, bvlgari porcelain plates, broke bread, magnificent divine pasta, laughter of joy, happiness and family times. Before dinner the lady of the beautiful home gave everyone a tour of her Fattoria. She showed eveyone a piece in her art gallery from The Crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ occurred in 1st-century Judaea, most likely in 30 AD or 33 AD. The Cross of Jesus Christ was taller than Rylee as she looked up were he was nailed & died on. Rylee almost fainted. The sign said “Do Not Touch A.D” and of course she touched it when everyone left the room. It was just Rylee and Jesus’s Cross. Her wings on her back began to sparkle and bloom with fresh wind blowing her beautiful long hair. Rylee touched the cross and ever since that day her entire life changed.


Rylee Green is not only a very talented Earth Angel, Multi-dimensional Supermodel, artist, creator, momager, she adores water, animals and spiritual awakenings. Rylee deeply cares about the ocean and the ocean environment. Rylee Green is that girl, anything she touch turns to gold. She says “God gave me a golden gift and a passionate and love for modeling!" Rylee's faith is what got her to where she is at today. Rylee prays everyday and attends Mass every Sunday morning. The advice Rylee gives is to put GOD first in everything and I mean everything that you do. Never take No for an answer and never, ever give up on your dreams! Keep going, BELIEVE and reach your highest potential. Once you give your entire life to God the sky is the limit!

Team: Young Money.

Celebrity Relatives: Lloyd Polite Jr., Louisiana State Representative Matthew Willard, Democrat Party District 97 and Duke Kahanamoku "The Duke" the father of Surfing, five-time Olympic Medalist.

Ethnicity: French + Italian + Spanish + Atakapa Indian + Brazilian, Belizean, St. Barts, Polynesian & Dominican (Exotic Gem).

Speaks: French, Cajun, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Religion: Catholic, Christian.

Affiliated: CFDA, Surfrider, Oceana, LGBT, United Nations, Willard Family Association and Royal Family of Hawaii.


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